A Responsible Gambling feature is the very option everyone using a casino needs. This allows Wallerst’s users to play casino games responsibly and not become addicted. How can the company achieve it? By using this option, customers may set specific limits on their activities. There are diverse variants of them. 

The Responsible Gambling feature is vital for all players who feel that they can’t cope with their passion on their own.  

Purposes Of Usage

The chief purpose of the Responsible Gambling option is to create a safe atmosphere around the people that can’t control their gambling passion. With this feature, Waller st. Brewing strives to: 

  • Prevent underage gambling;
  • Protect its customers from spending too much time on the platform;
  • Create a safe atmosphere;
  • Promote the idea of exclusively responsible payments;
  • Keep the customers mentally healthy.

Types Of Limits

All the purposes written above can be achieved by setting certain limits on the activities on the Wallerst website. There are 2 options depending on what a user has problems with. They are the following: 

Money Limit

Money limits

A customer can control the sums of money spent on gambling. The company allows you to set a certain maximum amount per month, which a person cannot exceed in any way.

Time Limited

Time limits

The user can set a certain amount of time that can be spent on the platform per day. After the time expires, all activities on the site will be inaccessible to the person until the next day.

Self-exclusion Opportunity

The Waller st. Brewing casino provides an opportunity for each of its clients to self-exclude if their mental state deteriorates due to excessive gambling. There are 2 options to choose from: permanent and temporary exclusion. Accordingly, in the first option, a person will not be able to use the company’s products at all, only after 6 months, the former user of Wallerst will be able to send the documents for registration again. With a temporary exception, the client can choose how long the company will be unavailable. 

Underage Gambling

This problem is quite common. People under 18 years old don’t have the right to try the casino company’s activities. In this regard, Wallerst carefully checks the documents of users applying for registration. During verification, people send scans of their ID documents, after carefully examining the authenticity of which the Wallerst representatives accept or block potential customers. If you provide faked documents that reflect your false age, your account will be blocked instantly. Please, gamble responsibly!