An extremely popular type of internet casino game in Canada is the online lottery. That is because of the great variety of methods to play lottery online that will suit everyone and because of the legality of that hobby in Canada.  

The History of Lottery in Canada

The lottery was invented more than a few hundred years ago. Canada, as a young country, began to use this form of entertainment among the population at the end of the 19th century. Lotto initially served as a method of raising funds for national works: building infrastructure, road construction, repairing machinery, etc.  

After a while, Canada no more needed such fundraisers, but lotteries began to exist as a means of entertainment. This activity began to grow in popularity, which led to it being banned in the country. Soon, the lotto was again allowed and began to be used to raise money for the local budgets of the state.  

Canada Lottery

Today, the lotto can be played at any time of the day or night, even from a mobile device, even on the internet.  

How to Play the Lottery Online

Playing the online lottery in Canada can be done from a computer, laptop or smartphone. The first two options should be used on the official casino websites, while the mobile gadget allows downloading lotto game apps.  

First, it is necessary to buy lottery tickets online and this means that participation in the draw is automatically accepted.  

Online Lottery Rules

The rules of the game differ for each type of lotto. The only thing they have in common is that after buying the lottery online you must guess the numbers that will be the winning ones in the future.   

There are some requirements that players must follow when they play online lottery in Canada – age of majority, fair play, respect for other players, etc.  

Online Lotto Options in Canada

Canada is incredibly rich in the variety of lotteries to choose from. The most popular are Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX. And the lesser-known: Alberta Lottery Online, Manitoba Lottery Online, Powerball Canada. Everyone in the country can find the kind of lottery they like.  

Dailly Grand BC

Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is the national lottery in Canada and there are two fields to fill: one to challenge for the main jackpot of over $5 million (with 49 possible numbers); and the other for the $1 million draw. This type of Lotto is the most popular in the country.  

Lotto Lottario

Lottario Lotto

The Lottario online lottery gives players a choice of 6 numbers out of 45 on 10 boards. Players have the chance to play 26 draws at a time and compete for the top prize.  

Lotto Max

Lotto MAX

Another popular type of lottery in Canada is that users can play online. The game requires the visitor of the draw to choose 7 numbers to play. If all of them are guessed, the player wins the top prize, which is usually over $10 million.  

Lotto Option

Daily Grand BC/49

Playing the lottery online in Canada means having a chance to win. The Daily Grand BC/49 gives users a double chance: first, the top prize is drawn based on the 6 numbers chosen by the player. If the participants of the draw don’t win anything, they can take advantage of the extra number opportunity and try their luck a second time.  

Loto Extra

Lotto Extra

In the Extra lottery, players can compete for 3 types of prizes at once: grand prize, guaranteed and extra.   

  • The main prize is shared between the players who have guessed all 6 numbers;  
  • The guaranteed prize is divided amongst the remaining players and gives the possibility to win the special prize;  
  • In order to claim the Extra prize, you must guess 4 numbers out of 99.  
Dailly Grand

Lotto Daily Grand

Another national lottery in Canada, but a bit less popular than Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX. It has something in common with the above-mentioned lotto: first, the user needs to choose 5 numbers and then select the Grand Number, which gives the player a chance to win a huge jackpot.  

Encore Lotto

Lotto Encore

To play Encore – buy lottery tickets online. Mark the number of games you want to draw – usually from 1 to 10. The winner is determined by matching the winning numbers on the ticket from left to right and the opposite.  

Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto

To play Poker Lotto online, the player is dealt 5 cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. If players beat the other hands, they get a nice prize of $5,000, and if they bet all-in – $10,000.  

Power Ball

Powerball Canada

To play Powerball Online Lottery Canada means selecting 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and choosing the sixth number from 1 to 26. There are separate prizes in the draw: the Powerball Prize and the grand prize.  

Is Online Lotto in Canada Legal?

The lottery was illegal until 1969, but it is now a legalized activity. Moreover, consumers can rely on its protection. Laws regulating lottery-related activities:

Check Mark

Criminal Code

Check Mark

Competitions Act

These laws in Canada are aimed at making the lottery game fairer, both for casinos and other online users.  

Minimal Age to Play Online Lottery in Canada

The legal age for playing the lottery is 18. This rule applies throughout Canada. This is mainly to ensure that gambling addiction develops less among the younger population. Therefore, the sale of lottery tickets online is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.  

Lotto Security – What Should You Look For?

One of the most important factors affecting online lottery play in Canada is reliability and data protection.

The reliability of the chosen online casino depends on whether it is licensed and several other factors. But first and foremost, it is worth looking at the availability of an official gambling licence.

To protect the details, the latest data encryption methods are used these days. This is extremely important for the safety of users’ personal privacy.



The online lottery in Canada is hugely popular because of its variety. Users can play online lotto at any time thanks to new technology. Moreover, it is a legal and even government-supported hobby.