Bingo is a gambling activity that is present in any casino. Bingo online is popular with a large number of gamblers, and its turnover exceeds billions of dollars.  

History of Bingo

Online bingo has its roots in 1996. It was then that the game began to develop and gain the attention of gamblers. At that time, everyone was still playing in land-based bingo online Canada casinos, so bingo did not get the attention it deserved at that time. Gradually, this game gained momentum and with many casinos moving into the online space, in 2012, the turnover within this game exceeded $1 billion. It was from this time onwards that online bingo became popular and all casinos started to introduce it into their sections.  

Online Bingo

Bingo Game Licensing

Bingo is a perfectly legal form of gambling in Canada. This is because it has been verified by the country’s Gambling Commission. The verdict of the commission was that the game can exist because it is based on a bingo online generator.  

How to Play Bingo Online

In order to start playing bingo, players take the following steps:

Choosing a bingo online Canada casino

When choosing a platform to bingo play online, gamblers pay attention to the availability of a licence, the bonuses available and the convenience of the payment systems for them.

Account registration

Players proceed to create an account. To do so, they fill in a short form with information about themselves.

Confirming their identity

The gambler verifies his account by providing the casino with the necessary documents.

Start of the game

In the end, the player goes to the section with casino games, chooses bingo and starts the game.

Online Bingo Rules

The rules of the game of bingo online are as follows: When a gambler plays online, the numbers are called or chosen at random until the player can draw a line or combination of numbers as quickly as possible. This pattern can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or any other shape or pattern that is predetermined.  

Types of the Online Bingo Game

There are 5 bingo options that are most commonly offered by bingo online Canada casinos. Depending on the game the player chooses, there are a certain number of lines. Depending on the game chosen, the cards can be either 5 by 5 or 3 by 3. Below, the gambler can read the basic information about the types of bingo online.  


90-Ball Bingo

In this type of game, the cards are made up of rows of 5 numbers each. There are 3 types of prizes in the game. The first one is obtained when 1 row is filled, the second one when 2 rows are filled and the third one when the card is completely filled.  


80-Ball Bingo

Here the player can find 4-by-4 cards, and winnings can come from filling horizontal or vertical lines. Some varieties of this type of online bingo offer payouts when corner cards are filled in.  


75-Ball Bingo

This type of bingo card is made up of 24 numbers 5 by 5. The centre of the square is left empty. That’s why it’s a This type of bingo has more variation than bingo with 90 balls. The gambler can win by filling in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.   


30-Ball Bingo

This type of bingo online game is the fastest as it has only 30 balls. The cards are in a 3 by 3 format and prizes are awarded only to players who have collected a full house.  

Bingo Jackpot Variants

Types of bingo jackpots are listed below:

Fixed bingo jackpot

This type of jackpot is a fixed jackpot. That is, the jackpot amount does not change over the course of the game.

Progressive bingo jackpot

The idea of this jackpot is that the jackpot grows until someone wins it. The jackpot grows because each time a player buys a ticket, a small percentage is added to the total jackpot amount.

Escalator bingo jackpot

The more the gambler plays, the more balls become available to claim.

Community bingo jackpot

The main feature of this jackpot is that it is shared between all players. The jackpot can be split 50/50, 80/20 or 60/40.

Bingo Jackpot

Is Playing Online Bingo Fair?

Bingo online is a completely fair game as it is based on a bingo online generator. A special programme inside the game selects the numbers randomly, and according to the selected set of numbers, the balls fall out. It is because of this mechanism that all gamblers are on an equal footing and have the same chance of winning.  

Common Online Bingo Misconceptions

Bingo online game misconceptions are based on players not understanding the mechanics of the game and other important aspects. Below are some of the most common misconceptions that pop up amongst gamblers.


Casinos With Bingo Games Cheat Their Users

Only unlicensed bingo online Canada casinos do that. Proven casinos are fully scrutinised by the gaming commissions of various countries for fraudulent activity. Only then are they granted a licence, which fully confirms their safety.  


Bingo Games Are Rigged to Keep the Gambler Losing

This is also untrue. The fact is that there is a bingo online generator built into the bingo machines. This ensures that the numbers are completely random. If such casinos were to tweak the odds on their machines, they would lose their licences and their customers’ credibility.  


If a Player Consistently Chooses the Same Numbers, Winning Comes Sooner or Later

This is also a misconception. It is because of the RNG that a player can win and lose in every game. That is, the current game does not depend in any way on the gambler’s past games.  


Bingo Ensures That Players Spend All Their Money

No, because it is up to each player to decide when to stop. Especially bingo tickets are not expensive. Bingo online Canada sites advise their customers not to spend more than they can afford. The casinos also warn their customers against developing a gambling addiction.